Job distribution & advertising

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Every good hire starts as an applicant who had no trouble finding your job posting. Maximize your odds of being found by the best applicants when you stream jobs to the most popular, heavily-searched job sites and your Careers page.

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Branded careers page

In addition to appearing on major internet job boards, your job postings also appear on your own branded careers page which can be linked to your website. This jobs list page has proven to be one of the most valuable and efficient means to attract applicants.

Job board distribution

At no cost, your jobs are automatically distributed to leading internet job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Monster and Google. The system also enables you to quickly and easily share job postings to just about any other job board you wish including industry-specific and local job boards.

Indeed integration

Boost the number of applicants for your jobs by up to 4X with our Indeed integration.  Indeed Apply Sync is an easy, mobile-optimized application process that helps you get more applicants, provides a better experience for job seekers and allows for applications to sync directly to your hiring platform.

Unique job-specific URLs

With our job-specific URLs, you can create unique single-purpose links and post your jobs to social media channels, company blogs, internal communication forums and more. Our system automatically informs you of the applicant’s source so you have visibility into the best performing sources for your particular jobs.  


The future is here. Applying for a job is as easy as sending and receiving a text with a link to your jobs list page. With Text-to-Apply, you get a dedicated number that can be added to business cards, in-store signage, job fairs, or just about anywhere. Applicants text your number, receive a reply message with a link to your jobs, and apply.

Additional fees apply

Scheduled job posts

Timing is everything in job postings, whether you’re adhering to strict deadlines or aiming for peak visibility. KeldairHR’s Job Scheduler empowers you to meticulously plan your recruitment path. Set the exact moment for a job to go live, schedule pauses, or transition from internal to external postings with precision. This scheduling capability not only ensures your postings gain maximum exposure but also streamlines your recruitment process, keeping your hiring timeline on point and your team aligned with strategic hiring goals.

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Candidate experience

Every applicant interaction in the recruiting and hiring process carries the weight of a first impression – so choose a system designed with every single one in mind.

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Applicant processing & evaluation

You need relevant and comprehensive information to evaluate and process your applicants. Our applicant files collect, organize, and present the information you need, right when you need it.

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Communication & collaboration

Keep the conversation moving forward. Our in-app communication tools allow hiring teams (and applicants) to share information, get updates, ask questions – and more.

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Reporting & analytics

When it’s time to choose, use real-time data, analytics, and reporting to make reliable recruiting and hiring decisions. You’ll deliver incredible value to your organization’s daily operations – and bottom line.

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Configuration. A boring word in the world of software – and the key to a system that works for you. Customize everything from workflow processes to job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet your organizational needs. 

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You’ve recruited, evaluated, and decided upon your next new hire. With electronic onboarding automation, you’ll put new employees to work faster than ever before.

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