An on-demand human assistant to help you get to a short list of qualified applicants

Wouldn’t an assistant be wonderful right about now?

Your Recruiting Assistant:

  • Helps write the job description, job-specific question sets, and preferred hiring process for your approval
  • Posts your approved job content
  • Receives and highlights applicants as good-fit, marginal, or poor-fit
  • Conducts initial phone screens
  • Adds notes in applicant files
  • Identifies short list candidates for you (or your team) to interview so you can make informed and efficient hiring decisions
  • Enables you to focus on what’s important


What an excellent service! Not only did I get a great online hiring system, I got an expert assistant who attended to all of those recruiting details, which perfectly complemented our internal process. As a result, we made a highly-qualified and background-checked hire in record time without all of the hassle.  We LOVE Recruiting Assistant!

Jessy Baltz
Morris Steel

Hire One Now!


per job for Recruiting Assistant with a $99 per month annual subscription.


New to KeldairHR? Yes, for slightly more than a single posting on one job board, you get an experienced assistant for 30 days to handle all recruiting details so that you can make informed hiring decisions. Your ‘Hire One Now’ subscription provides recruiting assistance for one job, plus one additional job that you can optionally manage on your own.  Of course if your hiring needs increase, you can upgrade to a standard subscription at any time. If you don’t completely love our service level, we’ll gladly refund your purchase.