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    The modern, intelligent recruiting and hiring platform

    An effective recruiting and hiring strategy requires more than just a way to collect resumes. And KeldairHR is more than just an Applicant Tracking System. KeldairHR’s ATS is a modern and intelligent software platform designed to be integrated into your existing HR strategy to help eliminate friction in your recruiting and hiring processes.  Our workflow-driven approach combined with numerous customizable features allows you to quickly organize and streamline your processes, while quickly finding and hiring top candidates.

    Job advertising & distribution

    Every good hire starts as an applicant who had no trouble finding your job posting. Maximize your odds of being found with KeldairHR.

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    Candidate experience

    Every applicant interaction in the recruiting and hiring process carries the weight of a first impression. What does your current process say?

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    Applicant processing & evaluation

    Centralized, relevant, and comprehensive information allow you to evaluate and process your applicants.

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    Communication & collaboration

    Our in-app communication tools allow hiring teams (and applicants) to share information, get updates, ask questions – and more.

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    Reporting & analytics

    Data, analytics, and reporting allow you make reliable recruiting and hiring decisions, delivering incredible value to your organization.

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    Customize everything from workflows to job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet your organizational needs.

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