The bridge from candidate to employee.

You’ve recruited, evaluated, and decided upon your next new hire. With electronic onboarding automation, you’ll put new employees to work faster than ever before.       


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A seamless connection

A click of the ‘Hire’ button in the ATS instantly creates a new hire file in Onboarding. No separate login needed. From that file, you can initiate and collect, print, or export all completed and signed onboarding forms.

E-forms and packages

You can create and use whatever onboarding forms your organization needs as part of your onboarding process. Upload one or more PDFs with a click. With another click immediately turn each one into an electronic information-gathering form. Creating a package of forms is even easier — give the package a name, add as many e-forms as you’d like, click save, and you’re done!

User friendly process

Yes, this is a really friendly process for the new hire and for the system user. The new hire clicks a link in an email and fills in fields on a webform. After completing all forms and clicking submit, the system user has access to all completed forms. And by the way, the new hire can return at any time to complete all of the forms if he/she wasn’t able to do them all at once.


Embedded eSignatures

eSignatures are a breeze to add to any form. You can also configure these forms to be signed by the New Hire or to require a second signature from your HR/Admin team (e.g. an I-9). Once completed, all forms using eSignatures also come with a full audit trail.


Logical workflows and progress checks

The three-step onboarding workflow includes Not Started, In Progress, and Completed. Upon initiation of the process, you can easily monitor progress right from the new hire’s file. Each form the new hire completes is immediately available for your review. Incomplete forms appear as ‘pending.’ All forms, along with their real-time status, appear in the file. 


Messaging, Comments and Communications

There’s no need to leave the file to communicate with the new hire, send messages to colleagues, or to add comments to the file. You can do all three right from the same page. This system is the model of communications efficiency.

Community forms library

The onboarding process involves essential paperwork that every new hire must complete. KeldairHR simplifies this step with our Community Form Library, ensuring your system is pre-equipped with all the standard forms needed for a smooth onboarding experience. From Emergency Contact and Direct Deposit forms to crucial documents like the I-9 and W-4, our library has you covered. This not only keeps your processes compliant and current but also removes the hassle of creating custom forms from scratch. With KeldairHR, you’re ready to onboard new team members efficiently, right from the start.

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Job distribution & advertising

Every good hire starts as an applicant who had no trouble finding your job posting. Maximize your odds of being found by the best applicants when you stream jobs to the most popular, heavily-searched job sites and your Careers page.

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Candidate experience

Every applicant interaction in the recruiting and hiring process carries the weight of a first impression – so choose a system designed with every single one in mind.

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Applicant processing & evaluation

You need relevant and comprehensive information to evaluate and process your applicants. Our applicant files collect, organize, and present the information you need, right when you need it.

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Communication & collaboration

Keep the conversation moving forward. Our in-app communication tools allow hiring teams (and applicants) to share information, get updates, ask questions – and more.

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Reporting & analytics

When it’s time to choose, use real-time data, analytics, and reporting to make reliable recruiting and hiring decisions. You’ll deliver incredible value to your organization’s daily operations – and bottom line.

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Configuration. A boring word in the world of software – and the key to a system that works for you. Customize everything from workflow processes to job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet your organizational needs. 

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