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A collection of Human Resource, Applicant Tracking & Candidate Experience information that we think you need to know.

The Cost of a Bad Hire and the ROI of an ATS

Each time a company adds a piece of software to its operations, it should solve a defined problem for the company. But solving a $1 problem with a $100 solution doesn’t make sense. A beneficial software decision will solve a problem, improve the company in its intended way, and do so while providing a positive return on investment.

Goldilocks & The Three Bears: How a great ATS helps you no matter how hot your applicant flow is

Hiring can often resemble the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Much like the way the porridge in the story fluctuates between too hot, too cold, and just right, sometimes you get too many applicants, sometimes you don’t get enough applicants, and sometimes you get just the right amount of applicants. But is there a way for your organization to increase your odds of successfully hiring no matter which bowl of porridge you’ve got?

Tools matter

The primary implication of the saying “a good carpenter never blames the tools,” is that you can, and should, get the job done regardless of the resources at your disposal. However, despite how often it is cited, the quote is wrong. Tools do matter.

Applicant Experience Grader

There’s a critical moment in which each potential applicant who comes across your job posting decides whether to take the next step. Do they want to learn more? Are they going to apply? Can they see themselves working at your company? How strong is your Applicant Experience?

Top 8 Myths about Applicant Tracking Systems that First Time Buyers Should Know

In today’s world, there are certain tools you need in order to do your job and stay competitive. One of those tools is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If you are considering one for the first time, we have come up with a list of the Top 8 Myths about the ATS world to help you through the process.

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