Communication & collaboration

Communication in all directions

Keep the conversation moving forward. Our in-app communication tools allow hiring teams (and applicants) to share information, get updates, ask questions – and more.

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Applicant messaging

Applicants are automatically updated through the use of workflow-triggered messages, ad-hoc updates, and status change alerts. Your system also has a dedicated Message Library that you can add to and refine to promote consistent tone and content.


The @mention feature enables hiring officials to communicate with colleagues from inside the system instead of reliance upon an external (and unconnected) methods of communication. This provides direct collaboration with your hiring team in one system of record.

Applicant Text

Speed is essential when processing job applicants — and nothing’s faster than a text message. This feature enables you to text an applicant from within the applicant’s file and receive a return text just as quickly. Begin recruiting at the speed of text.

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Share applicant file

At times, you may want to share an applicant’s file with someone not registered in the system. The Share feature creates a unique link that enables the recipient to review all parts of the file and add notes, but prevents processing actions. This feature extends collaboration capabilities and adds a unique dimension to the hiring system.


Notification overload can be a problem. But there are select events for which you want notifications — even if you’re not logged in at the time. From within your profile, you can set key events to trigger external notifications. These include inbound applicant messages, new @mentions, and the arrival of new applicants to your posted job.

Bulk messaging

Sometimes applicants can stack up quickly. Our bulk message update feature can save tons of time while simultaneously providing a number of selected applicants a desired message or update. Bulk actions can be as simple as an email status update to a more detailed processing action such as a job post closing.

Activity stream

Located in each job applicant’s file, the Activity Stream is a chronological list of actions that displays every interaction among applicants, hiring officials, and events associated with the file. Each entry is time stamped in a social media stream-like style.

Transcribed voice notes

For many, speaking your thoughts is far more efficient than typing them out. KeldairHR introduces Transcribed Voice Notes, blending convenience with technology. Our innovative voice note feature allows your team to effortlessly record their insights and observations directly into any comment area within an applicant file. Following the recording, our advanced AI tools work behind the scenes to accurately transcribe these voice notes into text, ensuring your team’s evaluations are captured swiftly and seamlessly.

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Job distribution & advertising

Every good hire starts as an applicant who had no trouble finding your job posting. Maximize your odds of being found by the best applicants when you stream jobs to the most popular, heavily-searched job sites and your Careers page.

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Candidate experience

Every applicant interaction in the recruiting and hiring process carries the weight of a first impression – so choose a system designed with every single one in mind.

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Applicant processing & evaluation

You need relevant and comprehensive information to evaluate and process your applicants. Our applicant files collect, organize, and present the information you need, right when you need it.

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Reporting & analytics

When it’s time to choose, use real-time data, analytics, and reporting to make reliable recruiting and hiring decisions. You’ll deliver incredible value to your organization’s daily operations – and bottom line.

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Configuration. A boring word in the world of software – and the key to a system that works for you. Customize everything from workflow processes to job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet your organizational needs. 

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You’ve recruited, evaluated, and decided upon your next new hire. With electronic onboarding automation, you’ll put new employees to work faster than ever before.

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