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Configuration. A boring word in the world of software – and the key to a system that works for you. Customize everything from workflow processes to job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet your organizational needs. 

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Users & Teams

Hiring frequently requires team participation. so we don’t limit the number of users you can add to the system. By design, each user has a role with select permissions that determine access to jobs and actions that can be taken. Once assigned, each user (or hiring team) will have access to the job, can process applicants, and receive notifications/updates throughout the applicant processing cycle


Roles & permissions

Setting permissions within an application to align with real-world duties sets your team up for success. This system enables you to assign users to a role tied to a collection of pre-set permissions. Each organization comes with default roles to include Admin and Hiring Manager. From there, you may edit or create as many unique new roles as needed.

Applicant processing stage workflows

Configuration may be a boring word in the world of software but it’s the key to ensuring a system helps you accomplish your job. KeldairHR’s logical configuration design enables hiring officials to customize workflow processes, job templates, email message templates, reports, and system settings to meet organizational needs.

Org chart

Organization setups are like fingerprints – each is unique. You can build your online hiring system to match your real-world operations through the addition of organizational units such as locations, departments, regions, and more. This org chart then serves as the basis for all future job postings.

Job Requisitions

As your organization grows, so does your need for a defined job posting process. Whether your team is located in one building or spread throughout the country, a clear method for requesting and approving new positions is critical. With our Job Requisition feature, you can use an approval-based workflow to fit your organization’s needs and ensure a consistent process each time.

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Job distribution & advertising

Every good hire starts as an applicant who had no trouble finding your job posting. Maximize your odds of being found by the best applicants when you stream jobs to the most popular, heavily-searched job sites and your Careers page.

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Candidate experience

Every applicant interaction in the recruiting and hiring process carries the weight of a first impression – so choose a system designed with every single one in mind.

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Applicant processing & evaluation

You need relevant and comprehensive information to evaluate and process your applicants. Our applicant files collect, organize, and present the information you need, right when you need it.

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Communication & collaboration

Keep the conversation moving forward. Our in-app communication tools allow hiring teams (and applicants) to share information, get updates, ask questions – and more.

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Reporting & analytics

When it’s time to choose, use real-time data, analytics, and reporting to make reliable recruiting and hiring decisions. You’ll deliver incredible value to your organization’s daily operations – and bottom line.

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You’ve recruited, evaluated, and decided upon your next new hire. With electronic onboarding automation, you’ll put new employees to work faster than ever before.

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