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    Transparent Pricing

    We made our pricing model simple. You pay for the number of open positions you plan to have. That's it. You get unlimited users, all the core features, unlimited applicants and unlimited storage.

    UP TO


    open positions


    with annual agreement

    UP TO


    open positions


    with annual agreement

    UP TO


    open positions


    with annual agreement

    UP TO


    open positions


    with annual agreement



    open positions

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    with annual agreement

    Core hiring features included in every plan

    Job distribution & advertising

    • Careers page with your branding.
    • Integrated job board distribution.
    • Unique URLs for each position.

    Communication & collaboration

    • Easy applicant messaging.
    • Internal @mentions throughout.
    • Shareable applicant files.
    • Activity stream display.

    Candidate experience

    • Multi-part applications.
    • Mobile optimized applications.
    • Auto parsing of resume data.
    • Indeed Apply compatibility.

    Applicant processing & evaluation

    • Custom job applications.
    • Specific questions types for each position.
    • Iterative application workflow.
    • Sentiment scoring for each application.

    Reporting & analytics

    • Real-time data updates.
    • Pre-built reports
    • Customized reporting.
    • EEO/OFCCP data collection.


    • Custom users and hiring teams.
    • Roles & permissions.
    • Applicant processing workflow stages.
    • Company wide org chart.

    Enhancements & extras

    Add-ons to take your hiring process to the next level.

    Put new employees to work faster than ever before with KeldairHR’s Onboarding tool.

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    Get an on-demand recruiting specialist to help you find a short list of applicants who meet your specific needs.

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    With Text-to-Apply, you get a dedicated number that can be added to business cards, in-store signage, job fairs, or just about anywhere.

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    Featured integrations

    Connect KeldairHR into your existing platform.

    Going Live with KeldairHR

    This is that path we follow to help you become more effective and efficient with your hiring.

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    Are there upfront costs or additional fees to get started?

    No. We do not charge implementation fees as part of your agreement. Plus, you get a dedicated Account Representative to assist you in getting started.

    Can I pay monthly?

    Yes. Customers can elect to pay monthly. Customers can also elect to pay annually and will receive a discount for making annual payments.

    How long are your contracts?

    Agreements are annual. If your organization would like a multi-year term, please contact a Sales Associate to discuss.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade if my business needs change?

    Yes. You can upgrade at any time (and the month you upgraded will be prorated accordingly). You can also elect to downgrade and your lower tier billing would begin at the start of your next billing period.

    What if I want to add users to our account?

    Go for it. Regardless of your tier, you can add as many users to your account as needed with no additional charg

    What are my payment options?

    You can pay via credit card; check or ACH.

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