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The modern, intelligent
recruiting and hiring platform

Complete applicant tracking

Know where your applicants are in the process—every step of the way.

Track your applicants throughout every step of the hiring process through our centralized platform. That means no more guessing where applicants are in the pipeline. With KeldairHR, you’ll have complete visibility of your applicant pool at all times using our uniquely-designed stage processing workflows.


Job distribution

Jobs have to go everywhere. We get it.

You need to ensure that your open jobs will be seen by candidates. With KeldairHR, your jobs will be posted to the leading job boards, including the world’s #1 job board – Indeed. You’ll get a branded careers site or you can choose to stream your openings directly to your website via our Jobs API. Plus, using our source tracking features, you’ll always know where your applicants are coming from.

Positive candidate experience

Be better than good. Be great.

Every good hire begins as a new applicant. KeldairHR’s process allows you to connect with your applicants in a positive way at each touchpoint. From mobile-friendly applications, to easy-to-complete bite sized applications, to cleanly-designed and employer-branded status updates, your applicants will always feel valued and engaged.

Applicant evaluation

Get the best fit for the job the first time.

With KeldairHR, applicants easily answer job-specific questions during the application process – thereby quickly completing an initial profile. You can score, rank, and evaluate each applicant according to your set criteria to identify your ideal candidates. From there, you can process each applicant through the custom workflow pipeline of your choice.

Stress-free communication

Be the company they want to hear from.

Keep your applicants informed and engaged from the moment they submit an application. Build positive rapport with your applicants using automatic and timely hiring status updates. From efficient interview confirmations to simple phone screens, our communications tools will keep applicants and colleagues informed and aligned throughout the evaluation process.

Hiring team roles

Make sure the people in the know are kept in the know.

You control what positions an individual can see and what actions a user may take. KeldairHR’s roles and permissions give you the flexibility needed to help everyone do their job when it comes to the very important job of hiring the right resource the first time.

Reporting and analytics

You’ve got a hunch about what works. Now back it up with numbers.

Measure and share your hiring analytics using our reporting suite, which is designed to deliver key insight into positions, applicants, locations, and even team member performance. You can create custom datasets or use our pre-built reports to help you make informed decisions.

Company-wide buy-in

Making your coworkers’ lives easier has never been so, well, easy.

In today’s world, an effective recruiting and hiring culture requires collaboration and company-wide buy-in among all stakeholders involved. But how can an ATS make it easy for everyone outside of the HR suite to buy in? A modern design. Simple and familiar ways to communicate with applicants and colleagues including @mentions. Smart notifications, actionable tasks, and intelligent alerts show everyone involved in the process what they need to see.

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