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Faster, more efficient hiring with KeldairHR? It’s in the cards for Swinomish Casino & Lodge

Swinomish Casino & Lodge is a bustling, lively entertainment destination, and it is far from a simple operation. A team of over 420 employees, including 20 hiring managers, work hard to keep guests happy and entertained. The casino typically hires over 100 people per year. The four-person Human Resources department handles an average of 15-20 job openings at any given time, though business growth and talent changes can increase that number. With lots of people making moves all over the casino, they needed to up the ante on streamlined processes that would attract the best applicants and save everyone time.

Where does KeldairHR come in?

In 2019, Swinomish Casino & Lodge adopted the KeldairHR ATS system to better organize their hiring process and lighten the job-posting burden on the Marketing department. Betting on KeldairHR proved to be the right move, introducing new efficiency that helped streamline hiring for multiple positions at once.

Automatic posting to major job boards

KeldairHR’s automatic job board distribution to sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter makes it much easier to get job listings to the right candidates quickly. Plus, unique source tracking links make it easier for team members to reach out to their networks and share job opportunities via social media.

Unlock the benefit for your hiring process:

  • Post automatically to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster and Google
  • Include industry-specific and local job boards at your discretion
  • Single-purpose links for social media channels, company blogs, internal communication forums and more
  • Track applicant sources and compare performance
  • Create a branded careers page that links to your website

Application efficacy

To find the best candidate, the team needs applications both fair to all and tailored to the position. Application standardization creates an even playing field to evaluate all applicants. Meanwhile, customized job workflows and job-specific question sets for each position allow hiring managers and HR team members to easily keep track of all the different openings at any given time.

Unlock the benefit for your hiring process:

  • Collect go/no-go information for right-sized applications
  • Use customized job templates to speed processes
  • Keep everything mobile-optimized for a candidate-friendly experience