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Hatching a better recruiting process: Sauder’s Eggs modernizes hiring with KeldairHR

Sauder’s Eggs works with more than 100 farmers who have more than six and a half million hens producing eggs for the company. You’ve probably come across a Sauder’s Egg if you shop at stores like Kroger, Weis Markets, Aldi or Sam’s Club. And the company’s number one priority at the moment?

You guessed it: recruitment.

As Vice President of Human Resources Terry Good explained, the events of 2020 made it more challenging to keep positions filled. Good recently added a full-time employee to focus solely on hiring with the support of KeldairHR, which they’ve used for several years.

“We use the KeldairHR system for posting positions from the entry level all the way up to director level positions. Due to the pandemic, we currently have some high turnover at the lower level positions, so we at any time could have 20 postings but the need for up to 50 employees per month,” said Good.

An ATS that’s up to modern challenges

In a highly competitive market, KeldairHR offers the team at Sauder’s Egg the flexibility and ease of use they need as they compete for candidates.

Control the chaos

A lot of applications is good news: but sorting through all of them and identifying best-fit candidates can be a pain. With our platform’s rating and commenting features, the team is able to quickly screen candidates – so hiring managers only spend time on the top contenders.

Act fast, respond faster

Our user-friendly interface and communication tools allow the team’s recruiting managers to act fast on the applicants of interest. Many have even commented on how quickly they heard back from Sauder’s Eggs. Same-day responses make all the difference given the tight market.

Serious support

The speediest aspect of the KeldairHR experience? Support. The team has come to rely on KeldairHR’s near-instant responses – which keep them from having to wait 24-48 hours to get an opening posted and possibly losing out to the competition.