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KeldairHR takes hiring to new heights for the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority

The Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) maintains the infrastructure, building and grounds of four airports, including the Harrisburg International Airport, and doing so takes people. A team of 105 employees, to be exact. There’s a number of different roles involved: building operations, ground maintenance, semi-skilled technicians, police and fire, dispatchers, customer service – including information desk, reception desk, Frequent Flyer Club – the list goes on. At the center of it all, Human Resource Manager Mick Burkett makes sure every team stays fully supported by helping hiring managers source and vet the right candidates for the job.

Mick and his colleagues have been on a hiring kick as of late, with about 15 recent hires and an average of eight open positions at any given time. KeldairHR helps them stay nimble, keep the lines of communication open – and turn the right candidates into newly minted members of the team.

From manual hassle to KeldairHR

What was the hiring process like at SARAA before KeldairHR? In a word: manual. It was time for a technology solution, but many ATS options were simply add-ons to expensive HR systems without the hiring-specific features and functionality they needed. Then Mick arrived on the scene. Having previously used KeldairHR, he knew it was exactly the right solution to streamline the applicant process. How would he sum up our ATS? “User-friendly, effective – and a great value.”