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GreenWood, Inc. turns to KeldairHR for consistent and convenient cross-country hiring

GreenWood, Inc. is a licensed, women-owned, full-service general, mechanical, and electrical industrial contractor.  With a total of over 700 employees across approximately 40 job sites in 11 states, hiring is decentralized with each job site managing its individual recruiting and hiring needs using KeldairHR.

Dana Spadafora, supports those efforts as the Director of HR.  She relies on the KeldairHR platform to empower hiring managers and supervisors.  KeldairHR helps to ensure compliance, and consistent hiring practices across all job sites.

Why KeldairHR for GreenWood?

It’s a one-stop-shop

Whether they need to schedule interviews, check references, communicate with applicants, or more, hiring managers and supervisors never have to leave the system to carry out key hiring tasks. Efficiency wins again.

It helps site managers move faster

Hiring managers and supervisors must juggle a number of duties in addition to hiring, and changes in client demand can shift a hiring timeline unexpectedly. Thankfully, they can update changes to applicants and colleagues alike directly in the system. Using the Activity Log, they can easily see all of the moving parts (like who did what, and when) with each applicant so they immediately know what comes next.

It keeps the competition in check

Given the geographical proximity of some job sites and an already limited talent pool, hiring managers and supervisors tasked with hiring for new positions need to be careful not to poach each other’s applicants. With our platform, they can see all the applications an individual has submitted and use screening questions to verify if applicants are considering other GreenWood jobs.

It enhances oversight & simplifies compliance efforts

With a decentralized hiring process across multiple job sites, visibility into key metrics and progress is critical for making sure all sites get the support they need. As Spadafora explained, access to specific site dashboards allows her to assess progress and diagnose any issues that may be stalling the process for a certain opening – no matter where she is – either from the GreenWood home office in Greenville, SC or while she visits job sites in other locations.

Plus, easy access to applicant files and activity logs help the company keep hiring transparent, while making compliance and reporting a breeze.