Open Positions

The City of Newton Strikes the Right Checks & Balances With KeldairHR

Handling hiring for an entire city is no simple feat—and doing so comes with its own unique set of requirements. But that doesn’t mean HR teams have to sacrifice on the efficiencies and relationship-building potential of an ATS that’s purpose-built for modern hiring. More and more, cities and municipalities are turning to KeldairHR to organize and manage their hiring process according to the formal requirements that govern many of their open positions.

The City of Newton, MA is one such municipality. With 85,000 residents and 900-1000 employees, the city’s ever-evolving needs across a wide range of departments like Inspectional Services, Treasury and Library keep Senior HR Generalist Michelle McGonagle on her toes. She typically manages 60-70 open positions on the KeldairHR platform.

Striking the right checks & balances

When McGonagle sets out to fill an open position, a set of built-in checks and balances are critical to ensuring thoroughness, fairness and compliance every step of the way.

In practice, what this means is that the City’s HR department needs to retain centralized control of all hiring to make sure everything happens according to their defined process. Thanks to the flexibility of the KeldairHR platform, McGonagle can maintain oversight while empowering hiring managers to review and select candidates.

“We are funded by taxpayer money. We have an obligation to be fiscally responsible and expend taxpayer money appropriately, so there are checks and balances, but KeldairHR gives some ownership and power to the city departments,” she explained.

As a result, hiring managers can apply their expertise to the selection process with easy access to applicant information. They review applications, set up interviews and send both internal and external messages while McGonagle and her team have an auditable record that processes were followed.

Staying nimble & flexible

Though some hiring variables are fixed (job titles, descriptions, etc.), McGonagle and her colleagues still find plenty of convenience and efficiency in the process thanks to KeldairHR. Above all, the platform allows them to create one system of record for managing hiring activities that span multiple departments. Furthermore, a number of features help the HR department collaborate seamlessly and keep the process moving forward on multiple fronts.

What does it all add up to? A bustling hub for HR, hiring managers and applicants to get what they need, when they need it without all the digital friction, miscommunication and hassle.