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Cutting Time-to-Hire in Half
at Bello Machre

A private nonprofit human services provider, Bello Machre offers both residential and community services to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. On the residential side, professionals offer direct in-home support, focusing on a variety of needs like personal grooming, toileting, laundry, housekeeping, etc. for residents of the company’s 55 living facilities. Those seeking community services do not reside in a Bello Machre-owned living facility but receive support in the form of life enrichment, help with personal growth, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and more. 

Needless to say, the care that Bello Machre provides is a round-the-clock endeavor, and they’re constantly seeking qualified professionals for awake shifts and sleep shifts alike. In total, the company needs to staff 3500 hours per week in addition to its administrative roles. At any given time, the company is looking to fill about 10 active roles.

Director of Human Resources (HR) Kimberly McClearn tackles the task in partnership with the company’s recruitment coordinator, who serves as the main point of contact for direct support positions. Kimberly focuses on screenings and initial interviews for administrative positions, sometimes jumping in to lend support for direct support hires. Both of them rely on KeldairHR to handle applicant volume, streamline processes and bring the best candidates into the fold faster.

Picking up the pace with KeldairHR

Around the time that the company transitioned to the KeldairHR platform, they were also facing a significant hiring challenge: the process was taking too long. Before switching to KeldairHR, time-to-hire – which spanned from application submission to verbal offer – hovered around 59 days. 

Kimberly and her team launched the “Focus on Hiring” initiative to shrink that number, and success with the KeldairHR platform figured prominently in their strategy. They held training sessions with hiring managers, focused on the use of the @mentions feature to ease communication and identified process improvements.  

Because KeldairHR allows administrative users to view an applicant’s communication streams, Kimberly could audit hiring processes, identify the source of bottlenecks and pinpoint where to target strategic interventions. They also used disposition codes to organize repeat applicants and shared multiple postings for the same position with varied job titles to cast the widest net possible.

“Breaking down the application process into stages has allowed us to maintain oversight and continually evaluate workflow. Having visibility into how many applicants are in various stages, such as “Received,” “Review,” “Interviewing,” etc. also helps our hiring managers see an end in sight when they’re feeling overwhelmed,” said Kimberly.

Staying organized, integrating the larger team and leveraging the platform’s communication tools proved to be key contributing factors to dropping hiring time. In the end, they were able to reduce their time-to-hire to 27 days—nearly a 55% decrease.

Bello Machre reduced their time-to-hire from 59 to 27 days, in part by leveraging KeldairHR’s communication tools to provide a better internal process experience.