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    The applicant tracking system with less stress, less confusion and more hiring.

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    For companies with 50 to 1,000 employees, we provide a smoother process for hiring and recruiting while improving the experience for both users and candidates.

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    Your processes work. Our software helps.

    No one-size-fits-all
    You need software that adapts to your system, not the other way around. Our software enables you to customize hiring flows to meet your needs.

    Our real-time workflow tracking keeps you and your colleagues current. Hiring managers, interviewers and stakeholders can easily monitor applicants’ progress.

    Job-by-job basis
    Customize workflows based on the job’s needs: more in-depth processes for high-level hires, more streamlined processes for entry or routine hires.

    Real-time system activity
    Monitor recruitment activities by user or department with easy access to key reports, applicant messaging and co-worker communication.

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    The HR tool for today

    KeldairHR is built for the speed of today – mobile-friendly, fast, and efficient.

    Collaborative communications with your team and one-click applicant updates keep everyone on the same page.

    The analytics prove it – applicants don’t want to spend a lot of upfront time on the initial application. With multi-part job templates KeldairHR enables you to quickly obtain essential information and then pursue more detailed information from viable candidates later.

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    One platform. Organized and efficient.

    Finally, there’s just one system to track all things recruiting and hiring.

    Stay informed
    Always know “who did what and when.”

    Peek into the future
    Intuitive understanding of what needs to be done next.

    Works well with others
    Team alignment and coordination on each job.

    Easy on the Eyes
    A modern design that’s easy for everyone to use – from power recruiters to single-hire users.

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    Jessy Baltz

    Project Coordinator
    Morris Steel Inc

    "We needed help to build a more organized and repeatable hiring process. Craigslist ads and excel sheets were no longer working for us. We started using KeldairHR and it's been a night and day change for us. Our new hiring process is organized, efficient and collaborative and we've seen a dramatic increase in the quality of our hires."

    Karin Roland

    HR Director, Learning and Talent Acquisition
    Atlantic Auto

    “I have to say that of all of my vendors the team at KeldairHR is always the most helpful and responsive!"

    Lisa Rajnath

    Human Resources Manager
    Empire Automotive Group

    I absolutely love our new hiring site, KeldairHR. The implementation process made it so easy to transition. Our employees are able to navigate through the system, and utilize the enhanced team collaboration to communicate with each other. This feature makes the hiring process easier by communicating on the site directly and our hiring process runs smoother than before. I highly recommend!!

    Mick Burkett

    Human Resources Manager
    Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority

    Being an HR Department of one I need to find efficiencies where I can. The old system I inherited was inefficient; too much posting the same job, too many places and lots of paperwork and phone calls on my end. The KeldairHR system simplifies our hiring process. From a selfish point of view, it has made my job easier while giving us a better process.

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